Using Technology for saftey speed and efficiency - New Tesla model S

Using Technology for saftey efficiency and performance - New Tesla model S

Charles has always been a very big enthusiast of using the best available technology for his patients to deliver saftey, efficiency and performace.

Take patients specific instruments for example. This uses 3D printing before your knee replacement surgery so that Charles can do the surgery 'virtually' on a computer beforehand, then transalte the desired position of the new knee using a 3D printed template during the surgery to make things safer, faster, and more precise.

His new single tendon ACL reconstruction technique is beautifully efficient, using only half of the tendons that most people use, but giving a stronger ACL and a quicker and less invasive operation.

So when Charles heard about a new all electric zero emmissions car, which had autopilot and 4 wheel drive for saftey, seating for 7, and supercar beating performance the choice for the new SOS company car was easy.

His new Tesla Model S P90D is amazing!

Tesla P90D.jpg

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