All face to face private healthcare stops

As of today all three of the private units where I work, and I think everywhere in the country, is being rightly used for the NHS.

This means there can be no more face to face private appointments, no surgery, no injections etc.

The problem is that an NHS hosptial really is the last place you want to be (trust me I am working in them). People are being more active that they usually would having time on their hands, great weather and the desire to take exercise out of the house. I am sure there will be more sore knees, sore tendons and injuries than usual.

For that reason I am planning to post some advice and videos for common sports injuries to help people diagnose themselves and treat themselves at home.

I am also fully geared up for video consultations to advise from afar.

By doing this I will be able to identify who needs scanning, injections, shockwave and surgery so that when things do get back to normal (and they will) I can treat people in an orderly fashion and get a 'head start' on what will certainly be a busy time.

If you need help, advice or a video consultation please email me directly and I will do what I can. You will also be placed in the quere to get fixed when private care resumes.

Posted on Mar 27, 2020

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