Biological injections for knee arthritis

Platelet Rich Plasma injections

For a long time we have been looking for injections to help treat knee arthritis and try to postpone or avoid surgery .

Up until recently the main option has been steroid injections, but we know that these can cause damage to the cartilage in the joint. They also mask the protective pain sensations. It is not uncommon to see rapidly deteriorating joints after steroid injections.

More recently there has been good success with a class of injections called viscosupplements. These are special lubricating injections a bit like oiling a squeaky hinge. They add some cushioning to the knee and some lubrication for the raw bone surfaces and seemed to give more lasting benefits than steroids without seeing dramatic deterioration . They are a bit hit and miss in Charles’s experience and work well in some people but not at all in others. They can last between 4 and 12 months.

For the last few years there has been interest in injections made from patients own blood. Blood is drawn from the arm like a blood test, then the factors responsible for healing are extracted, concentrated and delivered into the knee. Charles has been doing these for a few years in small numbers and following the research closely.

Recently two large scientific studies (meta-analysis studies which gather up lots of other studies and pool the data) have shown that platelet rich plasma injections are better than steroid, viscosupplements, and placebo both in terms of the amount of pain relief, improvement in function and how long the benefits last for.

Charles is pleased to announce that he is now got his own equipment to prepare these platelet rich plasma injections in a much more cost-effective way than previously (when he had to hire in equipment).

He uses the Arthrex ACP system to produce the platelet rich plasma. The cost for one knee is £600 and £1000 pounds for both knees. If you'd like to find out more information or see if this is suitable for you, please look at this website page or email Charles directly .

Posted on Aug 12, 2020

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