Congratulations Grace Spicer - World Champion!

Massive congratulations to Grace Spicer @grace_spicer IKF World Champion!!

I met Grace when I was a sports knee surgeon in London and she was already a talented kickboxer who had sadly significantly injured her knee with an ACL rupture. We fixed her with an ACL reconstruction and she powered through her recovery with the sort of determination and courage that you only really see in world class athletes.

My heart sank when, soon after moving out to Bournemouth and Poole, I heard Grace had suffered another knee injury, this time to her other knee. Getting over one ACL injury is enough for most mere mortals to think again about their sport, but not Grace. We fixed the other knee with another rock solid ACL surgery and got her in touch with the best physios in the business for rehab. She was determined to get back fighting.

Grace showed extreme courage to go back to fighting at the very highest level and put in so much hard work testing herself (and those knees) against the best in the world. If ever this was a sport designed to make an ACL surgeon nervous this is it!

I was really delighted to hear that she has just been crowned the IKF World Champion and is literally the best in the whole world at her sport despite the extreme adversity of two major knee ligament reconstructions.

Well done Grace – you are awesome!

If you have injured your knee, and you are not sure if you will ever get back to what you love, firstly look up Grace Spicer to see what determination looks like, and secondly get in touch with Charles to get fixed...

Posted on Aug 19, 2019

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