Corona virus limitations are lifting!!

I am delighted to say that I can now start seeing patients face to face as well as by video consultation in the BPC!

The BPC have put in place senseible saftey precuations (see below) to keep you safe if you do need to be seen face to face.

There is so much that we can achieve by a vidoe call, and this is of course perfectly safe, that at this time we advise that you get in touch and I will decide whether we should met face to face or via video - so just ask. Often the best plan is an inital video call, then arrnge any scans or X-rays, then see you face to face once these are done.

For shockwave therapy and injections, clearly this will need to be face to face.

Any questions just email me via the contact page HERE

Posted on May 15, 2020

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