COVID-19 update

I am 100% fit and well and still seeing patients provided it is safe to do so! I am also personally answering email enquires and helping as much as able from afar. If you have enquiries and you are not sure if you should arrange an appointment get in touch.

Many patients have contacted me or my secretary to ask about the situation with regards to COVID-19 and their planned surgery or their sports injuries and knee problems. I am here to help, but the situation does look serious. 

Whilst I’m sure most people are aware of the extent of disruption to some degree from news reports this is having a very significant impact on the delivery of healthcare. At the time of writing one knee surgeon is already in isolation and another has taken leave.

It is anticipated that within weeks all ventilators all anaesthetists and all of the senior doctors will be heavily engaged in trying to save those lives that we can. For that reason, all planned surgery private or NHS is being halted so that I and my colleagues can use our skills for those who need us most.

It’s not clear how long this is going to continue, but the estimates are that we will see the peak number of cases in late May and for the following 12 weeks with a gradual decrease after that time. It may be November or December before planned work in the NHS starts again.

If you have a sports injury or knee problem and you are fit and healthy then I am still seeing patients for consultations where and when it is safe. I am using video and telephone consultation where these will suffice.

Where a face to face consultation is needed the key factor to avoid is mixing with other patients in waiting areas. I have suggested that my patients arrive early and wait in their cars. You should make sure Fiona has your telephone number and I will call you to come in from your car when ready. You will be screened for temperature and cough on arrival.

There are a number of things short of surgery that I can do to to help people whilst they are waiting for ordinary service to resume such as braces, injections, physiotherapy and simply establishing diagnoses.

For those who need surgery, I am keeping a waiting list and a contact list so I can keep people up-to-date and deal with people in a fair and sensible order once work resumes. If you would like to be added to this list please let me know. I expect it to be quite long!

I anticipate that once routine work does resume in the NHS the waiting times will be at a level that we have not experienced for many years and there may well be financial and resource restrictions. Unfortunately, the conditions I treat are lifestyle problems so I fully expect these to be a low priority when the NHS does resume work! I expect the NHS waiting lists for knee replacements to be significant.

I shall keep you updated on the situation via this website, but rest assured that I will do my very best to help you. 

Posted on Mar 19, 2020

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