Cryo chamber in Bournemouth

Charles is very grateful for the opportunity to try out Ian Watson's cryo chamber in Bournemouth as part of his recovery after a hard training camp. Ian has one of the first publically available cryo chambers in the UK. It is equipment which is usually only available to premiership football clubs and the like.

Charles was quite exhausted after a hard four days of cycling in Girona so came to CryoLabs with sore tired legs. He was given gloves socks and a hat to prevent frostbite then taken into the initial cooling chamber at about -70 degrees for a couple of minutes before entering the second chamber at -186 degrees.

The rationale is that the body stops blood from going to the peripheries and keeps it all centrally to preserve heat. Whilst there the blood get well oxygenated and cleaned. On leaving the chamber the peripheries (Charles's tired sore muscles) get rapidly reperfused with this fresh blood to wash out all of the metabolites of training.

Charles did not find it at all uncomfortable or unpleasant and it did seem to help with the muscle soreness after training meaning that he could get back on the bike sooner and harder than usual.

Many thanks to Ian for the opportunity.

Posted on May 02, 2018

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