Custom made knee replacement

Custom Made Knee Replacements

A few weeks ago I went to Germany to be trained how to carry out custom made knee replacements. This is probably the pinnacle of current knee replacement technology. It involves a pre-operative CT scan to assess the shape of a patient’s knee. Every knee is a different shape just in the way that everyone’s faces are different shapes. From the CT scan a truly bespoke metal knee replacement is made which matches the patient’s anatomy perfectly. Patient specific instruments are also made to allow the knee to be implanted in the perfect position.

I was lucky enough to be able to scrub in with a surgeon who has been doing these cases for ages, to partake in the surgery and feel the knee at the end.

I was very impressed with what was achieved and it was interesting to see how different the custom knee replacement shape was from a conventional knee replacement.

It is unlikely that these will ever be available on the NHS because they do cost more but I am relieved to hear that most insurers recognise these and that the self-funded cost is not a great deal more than ordinary knee replacement (about £12,500 for everything included). This may well be a really good option for people wanting to get back to high levels of activity and have a knee that feels really natural to them.

My quest for the best available knee replacement goes on but it does feel like there is some good progress being made.

Posted on Jul 15, 2016

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