Good Availability for Orthopaedic Surgery in Dorset

As the world starts to get used to dealing with the realities of COVID 19, Charles is pleased to say that he is managing to treat his private patients in good time scales provided there are not too many medical problems which makes things excessively risky.

By working with the clean sites at the Nuffield Bournemouth, and BMI the Harbour Hosptial, Charles is regulary operating again. Frustratingly the Royal Bournemouth NHS, and therefore the Bournemouth Private Clinic are not at the same stage just yet, but we expect this soon.

Patients needing surgery can now usually be accommodated within a week or two.

There are lots of measures in place to ensure your safety. Firtly at the time of booking for surgery you will be risk assessed to make sure it is appropriate to book your operation at this time.

Three days prior to surgery there will need to be swabbed to make sure you are free of COVID-19 and you will be asked to self isolate from this point until the day of surgery. Prior to this you are simply advised to socially distance as we all are.

Availability is best for minor procedures which don't involve staying in hospital overnight, but Charles is now performing a number of kneet replacements at the Nuffield hospital and things are running very smoothly indeed.

If you're worried about how long you're going to have to wait for your operation feel very free to email Charles directly and he will let you know what can be achieved in the private sector, and what the waiting is like for your particular circumstance.

Posted on Aug 01, 2020

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