High performance knee replacement - update

Update on High Performance Replacements

I have implanted about 20 Journey knees now. They do generally seem to be a big step forwards in terms of getting better function from knee replacements and I am seeing the first patients at the six-month stage coming back through. We have enjoyed some remarkable results, with patients who have knees which are almost indistinguishable from a healthy human knee, moving from fully straight to 145 degrees of flexion and even patients stating that they have forgotten that they have had their knee replacement.

It has not all been entirely straightforward and the new surgical technique does seem to be associated with a bit more bleeding, which his probably due to removing and substituting the two cruciate ligaments. The bleeding has led to some stiffness on some occasions, but this seems to be a short-term downside versus a long-term dramatic improvement in function.

It is really pleasing to see that for the first time ever in my experience these total knee replacement patients are enjoying function as good as, if not better than the partial knee replacements, which are the other high-performance option for patients who have the right patterns of disease.

Posted on Jan 31, 2017

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