Invited Expert for the NEJM

This week I am proud to be an invited expert for the NEJM regarding a paper just published randomising knee arthritis patients to TKR and rehab or non operative intervention.

Given the spate of studies showing that arthroscopy for knee OA and for degenerate meniscal tears are a waste of time it something of a relief that the study showed arthroplasty confers benefit over non operative measures.

In my opinion the study is looking at the more mild end of OA knee spectrum where I tend to try my very hardest to avoid TKR and also uses some rather insensitive outcome measures.

The findings are not a huge surprise. TKR is better than not having TKR but there are a higher risk of complications.

Have a look at the paper and join the debate!

Posted in Uncategorised on Oct 24, 2015

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