Journey 2 BCS Knee Replacement

Journey Knee Replacement

I have now implanted a few Journey Knee Replacements. I am really excited about these. It seems to be a real step forwards in knee replacement technology.

The knees seem to feel and perform much more like normal human knees as opposed to knee replacements. It is quite a strange sensation when you have done thousands of knee replacements, feeling at the end of the operation how the knee moves.

Knee replacements typically do not move like normal knees but when I have got to the end of doing a Journey Knee Replacement and start moving the knee to assess it; it genuinely does feel similar to a normal human knee as opposed to a knee replacement!

The patients so far have done very well and feel that the knee feels more normal for them. They seem to recover quicker and be off crutches much sooner. This seems to be in keeping with the experience of people who have been doing these for a longer period of time.

I really hope this represents a big step closer to great results after knee replacements and getting to the stage where patients will be able to forget that they have an artificial knee and enjoy life to the full!

Posted on Jun 24, 2016

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