Latest advances in knee replacement

Latest advances in knee replacement

Current standard knee replacements are a bit average. They are better than a terribly arthritic knee in someone who is disabled, but are still not great and people tend to be much happier after a hip replacement than a knee replacement.

For this reason I have been on the search for something newer and better!

Recent I went on a visit to Belgium to Smith and Nephew to see their most up to date knee replacement the Journey BCS. This has a radically different design based on a newer understanding of how the normal knee works.

We started with an afternoon on the theory behind the new design with some compelling science behind why current designs can never feel like a normal knee and why the new design should work better in theory. We also looked at using Patient Specific Instruments, which is a clever way of using computers and 3D printing to get the new knee in the perfect position during surgery.

The next day I scrubbed in with a surgeon who has been using this knee for some time and watched him operate. I had the opportunity to feel the Journey knee once it was implanted and it certainly felt more like a natural normal knee on the operating table.

After this we went to the ward and saw some patient who had been operated on a few days before. This part was really impressive. Many were walking very normally and without crutches which is pretty unusual for a few days after surgery.

I am looking forward to using this new knee in the near future so see how well it works in the UK population!

Posted on May 15, 2016

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