Marginal Gains

This week Sports Orthopaedic Specialist has been trying to get the best available equipment to help Charles with his challenge to ride the height of Everest in a day, on the epic Mont Ventoux.

Sports Orthopaedic Specialists have kindly, purchased the lightest wheels that money can buy, in order to take a bit of weight off the bike for this, 8500 metres of vertical climbing which Charles is going to attempt and he is very excited to try these out.

In the same week, Charles competed in the Jurassic Beast local bike race of 100 miles but also, bumped the mileage up closer to 150, by riding out to the start and back home from the finish. This gave him nearly eight hours in the saddle, which would be good preparation for what we expect to be an 18-hour bike ride on Mont Ventoux. Overall, Charles felt that he was in fairly good shape, to try this challenge but it is something which many have tried in the past and very few have ever succeeded. It is said that more people have got to the summit of Everest than have managed six ascents of Mont Ventoux in a day, so Sports Orthopaedic Specialists is going to do everything it can to assist Charles in this challenge.

Posted on May 25, 2019

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