Measuring sleep to optimise human performance

Whoop 3.0: measuring sleep and recovery

Here at Sports Orthopaedic Specialist we are really interested in the effects of surgery on sleep and the effects of sleep on human performance.

There is a new product come to the market called WHOOP, which is a piece of wearable technology that allows you to measure your heart rate to a very high degree of accuracy 24/7.

Because the readings are so accurate the device can calculate heart rate variability, respiratory rate and derive a number of other metrics. The added bonus is this can be worn on the arm rather than the wrist which is of vital importance for health care workers, and one size fits all.

Sports Orthopaedic Specialist has got Charles trying out this device in the hope that we can use this to measure the impact of surgical procedures and athletic training on sleep.

The theory is that a lot of what we do around the time of surgery is very disruptive and damaging to patients sleep and the secondary theory is that bad sleep leads to slow recovery.

The hope is that eventually we may be able to identify some longstanding practises in healthcare that we could refine to try and give people a better night's sleep. There are many things that we do by tradition such as measuring heart rate and blood pressure in the middle of the night, which may well be unnecessary or could be done without waking people up. It may be as simple as making hospital rooms darker and quieter or giving patients ear plugs and eye covers to try and get better sleep. If this leads to a faster smoother recovery, then everyone wins!

Charles is hoping to get ethics approval to conduct this research in the near future but at the moment he is investigating the technology himself to see whether it is sufficiently accurate.

If you want to try Whoop yourself this link will get you a a free month of subscription and a free strap. Click HERE

Watch this space.

Posted on Mar 10, 2020

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