Orthopaedic Video consultations and urgent MRI scans

Since the lockdown started I have now conducted about 30 video consultations. It is surprising how much can be achieved during a video consultation for a knee problem or sports injury!

Obviously I'm still able to hear all of the symptoms and the activities that have bought a persons problems on. With the use of the camera, I'm able to inspect the injured party the body and instruct patients to identify the tender areas and demonstrate movements that bring on the pain.

By screen sharing, I am able to remotely access MRI scans and X-rays and show these to patients explaining what the problem is and what needs to happen to get them fixed. 

This is fairly close to what we can achieve with a face-to-face consultation and has nearly always allowed me to reach a diagnosis. 

In terms of helping to solve problems, I have been demonstrating physiotherapy exercises, self typing etc and I've arranged for braces, orthotics, prescriptions and sick note to be sent out to patients to help with their problems without the need for any face-to-face contact.

This week it has become possible to arrange some limited urgent MRI scans out of the Bournemouth private clinic and I'm now able to access the images for these and talk people through their scans.

This is leading to a growing list of patients who need surgery once normal practice can begin, and man people are reassured that they know what is wrong, what the should and shouldn't do, and that they are scheduled to be fixed. 

To find out about video consultations please click here.

Posted on Apr 10, 2020

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