Preparation for the Bicingles Challenge

For a really tough challenge like this the devil is in the detail. For this reason Charles has flown to Provence two days before his attempt at cycling up Mt Ventoux 6 times in a day, and spent the first day checking his equipment is right and going on a short ride to test his legs.

On the fight out Charles uses a preventitive nasal spray called First Defence. Airports and flights involve exposure to a few thousand people in a confined space, and all their associated viruses, so Charles wants to do all he can to start in tip top shape!

He has spent the afternoon before consuming about 450 g of carbohydrate with very low fibre low-protein and low-fat content whilst resting his legs to top off his glycogen stores. He has driven the first part of the course to assess key landmarks (he will be goin gup and down this with just a bike light to guide him, so good to know where the hazards are). He has also worked out the optimum route given the local conditions.

He is measured the temperature both at the bottom of the mountain and the top to work out what the kit requirements will be with the significant temperature fluctuations expected and wind directions.

All is ready now and both kit and body are optimised as best as possible. It will simply now depend on whether the plans have been made carefully enough, whether Charles' psychology is robust enough, and a bit of luck from the weather!

It’s a 3 am start to allow enough daylight and it is no coincidence that it is being done on the longest day, so early to bed!

Posted on Jun 21, 2019

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