Robot knee surgery - second generation

This week Charles was invited to Zurich to assess a new surgical robot - ROSA - from Zimmer Biomet.

This involved some hands-on time with the robot before its use in the UK to help identify improvements and to assess it for possible introduction into Charles' practice in Bournemouth.

The robot was really interesting and had a number of exciting features which would make it easier to integrate into a busy practice when compared to some of the other products on the market. 

Firstly it works with Charles' currently preferred brand of knee replacement the Persona, which is a really modern design which seems to leave patients really happy with the results. Secondly the robot can be used without the need for planning scans or X-rays beforehand which greatly improves the logistical problems of some of the older robots and reduces cost and radiation, and thirdly it is closely aligned to the conventional way of doing a knee replacement which means the learning curve should be easy, and if the robot misbehaves then there is an easy plan B!

Thanks Zimmer Biomet for the opportunity to contribute my ideas to the is exciting new development. 

Posted on Sep 25, 2019

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