Sports Orthopaedic Specialist on training for the world champs

SOS take on the Worlds

Charles has made it his goal this year to get to the World Championships for cycling.

He loves riding his bike,a nd can usually win or place highly in local evets, but getting to the World Championships is a whole new challenge with some tough competition.In addition he has to fit in the trainnig aroud work and family!

To that end he has been doing a lot of vert structured interval trainnig using trainer road on a smart turbo trainer called a Tacx Neo, has done a 4 day trainning camp in the mountains of mallorca and has really worked on nutrition, weight loss and sleep hygine.

This has been coupled with a very nice Sports Orthopaedic Specialist bike with some help from friends at Team Sky.

What all this means for Charles' patients is that he has an ever deeper undertanding of cycling related injuries now, and the challenges that anyone faces to be the very best....

Posted on May 25, 2017

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