Teaching surgeons about the Best ACL surgery

This week I took two days out to train international delegates on my technique for reconstructing the ACL and ALL (Antero Lateral Ligament) using only the hamstrings tendons of the injured leg. This took place on the Smith and Nephew advances soft tissue knee reconstruction course with a combination of lectures and demonstrations on cadaveric tissues.

This attracted surgeons from all around the world as it is a really important technique for ensuring that the knee does not give way after an ACL injury, and to reduce the risk of failure of ACL surgery.

Existing techniques are more invasive (big scars) and are more damaging in terms of what tissues are needed to make the new ALL (they use part of the Ilio-Tibial band which can cause problems in its own right).

This is a really important skill for them to learn as it is very helpful for revision ACL reconstruction and also in ACL repair in high risk patients such as footballers, young females and people with ligamentous laxity (stretchy ligaments).

The course was also an excellent opportunity for me to learn some tips and tricks from the other surgeon and to make sure I remain at the fore-front of knee ligament surgery.

Posted on Mar 01, 2019

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