A Cryo/Cuff is a device that applies compression and ice to your knee. It is really good for after a knee injury or after a big knee operation to keep pain and swelling to a minimum.

Mr Willis-Owen really recommends you get one to uses after an ACL operation or any other major knee surgery.

Unfortunately most insurers wont cover the cost so you have to buy it yourself. They are typically about £100 and one of the best places to get one is Some people sell them on afterwards.

The system has a ice bucket a bit like a cool box, a pipe and the Velcro cuff that goes on your knee. You need all the bits to make it work.

Studies have shown that they speed up recovery, take away pain and in some studies people have needed half the usual amounts of pain killers.

I would seriously think about getting one for an ACL operation.

Cryo/Cuff information

Cryocuff cold and compression therapy