Exogen bone healing device


EXOGEN is a non surgical Ultrasound based Bone Healing device which accelerates fracture healing, and can reduce the rate of fractures failing to heal. It is clinically demonstrated to help heal fractures using low-intensity, pulsed ultrasound. It can be used for both fresh fracture and established non-united fractures and has been shown to accelerate healing at each stage of the natural bone repair process.

EXOGEN clavicle

Mr Willis-Owen has used EXOGEN on himself on two occasions both with excellent results as well as using it on many of his patients. On one occasion this was used for stress fractures of the metatarsals in the run up to the London marathon. By the use of exogen he only needed to take 3 weeks off training and went on to run at time of 2:46 which was a personal best. On the second occasion EXOGEN was used for a lateral clavicle fracture after a cycling injury. This particular fracture is notorious for not healing without surgery but with the help of EXOGEN his fracture healed uneventfully and he only needed to take 3 weeks off cycling.

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