Charles Willis-Owen - The Bournemouth and Poole Private Knee surgeon

Specialising in Knees, Regenerative treatment, Sports Injuries, Knee Replacement, and Shockwave Therapy

We are now open with precautions - and booking operations with some delays.

Face to face appointments, scans, injections, shockwave therapy, and some surgery now available with a range of coronavirus precautions SEE HERE

Understandably NHS waits will be very long as a result of  COVID 19. There is even be waiting in the private sector. We are operating a short waiting list. 

Do you have an injury holding you back from the sport or pastimes you love? 

Have you had a pain that isn't settling and you need an expert to look at it? 

Are the years catching up with your knee and it is starting to be a pain? 

I can help! Contact directly and get a fast personal answer direct from me.

See a video explaining what happens in a consultation and click here to learn about video consultations 


I am an Oxford-trained orthopaedic surgeon and sports knee doctor who has raced for Great Britain in cycling, run marathon at the international elite level, rowed at Oxford University. I am the doctor that understands your desire to continue with your chosen sports or pastimes and reach your full potential whether it's professional sport or a stroll along the beach.
I know from personal experience that surgery, even keyhole surgery, should be the last resort, but when it is needed it should be fast, accurate and perfectly performed. My main area is as a knee doctor and I use the very latest technologies such as high-performance knee replacements, computer designed patient-specific instruments, Robot-assisted surgery and regenerative techniques harnessing your bodies own healing potential to achieve outstanding results.

Read about my background and have a look at what I am up to in my blog.


  • Knee injury / Keyhole surgery
  • Knee arthritis / Knee replacement
  • Partial knee replacement / Knee resurfacing
  • Robot-assisted surgery
  • ACL (cruciate) ligament reconstruction
  • Regenerative procedures using cells from your bone marrow
  • Sports injuries - twisted knee etc
  • Torn cartilage and ligaments
  • Shockwave therapy

Find out more about the treatments I offer.

Self Funding?

I welcome self-funded patients! No referral is needed just get in touch. It is £250 for an initial consultation and £150 for a follow-up appointment. (I also work this all major insurers) Surgery will always be a cost-effective fixed price package with no nasty surprises! At the Bournemouth Private Clinic, we can offer the most competitive Self Pay treatment in the region.

Self Pay,  Insured, Choose and Book: I specialise in self-pay patients and about 75% of my work is people without insurance the remaonder is with insured patients. I know how to keep the bills low and have negotiated some of the best prices locally for your treatment. I don't see NHS choose and book patients for free in private hospitals as some surgeons do. I don't think this is fair on my private patients or fair on the true NHS. 

I only specialise in knees and sports injuries. Most so-called specialists turn out to be a 'jack of all trades' also doing hips, feet, shoulders etc!

Why is this important? Some surgeons choose to see lots and lots of patients as fast as they can, and they will be doing hips and knees and other things, NHS and private all in one day. This can mean you are one of many and if you need some extra attention, or to ask that extra question it can be hard work to get a response. I prefer to focus my time on fewer people but gives them my full and undivided bespoke attention, so for example, if you need to get in touch you can email me directly and I will always answer. Why? Simple; This is what I would want for me and my family - health is too important to cut corners. 


"As an experienced Physiotherapist, I have been hugely impressed with Mr Willis-Owen in every aspect of his work. Nothing but world-class in his approach with patients, his diagnostics and surgical outcomes. I trust him implicitly with my patients and wouldn't hesitate to seek him as my own surgeon if I had a hip, knee or ankle problem!" LC Pure Sports Medicine"

"Aside from being a top-class surgeon, Mr Willis-Owen really understands the concerns and psychological pressures of major sports injuries. The confidence he instilled in me that the surgery would work, and it would be possible to return to high-level competitive sport was priceless. Thank you!"

" are a remarkable surgeon who is so highly respected by everyone who comes in contact with you. Your bedside manner is impeccable and you inspire confidence from staff and patients alike...."

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