Clarity and transparency over pricing is important to us. Current prices for self-funding patients for a range of common treatments are listed below. If you are insured it would be worth checking with your insurer what proportion of this fee they will cover when you call to obtain authorisation.

I had a partial knee replacement at the Harbour hospital in December 2023. My surgeon Charles Willis-Owen was truly amazing! He made the whole process really straightforward and relatively painless! He was very supportive of I had any questions or issues. The nurses and physios were all very kind and caring.
Initial consultation£275Reduced to £260 if paid on the day
Follow-up consultation£175Reduced to £160 if paid on the day
Shockwave therapy£260Per session
Unilateral PRP £600Per session, one knee
Bilateral PRP£1000Per session, both knees
Durolane injection£459 – £600Approx, varies by hospital

Please note the hospital will charge separately for drugs and scans. Please ask about these charges at the time of booking as they can vary depending on which hospital you visit, are subject to change, and are outside of our control.

Fixed price packages can be arranged for surgery, please enquire for an estimate. These packages include a pre-operative assessment with a nurse, the surgery itself (hospital fees, surgeon fees, and anaesthetist fees), either one or two post-operative consultations with Mr. Willis-Owen (depending on the specific nature of the surgery), and comprehensive post-operative physiotherapy.

Payment can be made at the end of your appointment. Any invoices will be issued by Square. These Square invoices can be received by either email or text message and can be paid online. Receipts likewise can be issued directly to your phone or email at the time of payment.

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