Do you have stiff achy joints? Are they hard to get going when you wake up in the morning, or after sitting for a while? Are they painful and do they swell up? They may feel like they need some lubrication or oil, and it might feel like hard work doing the things you used to be able to do easily. A constant toothache type of pain, that builds up and up the more you do is another sign. If this sounds familiar then you may have arthritis.

Mr Willis-Owen clearly has exceptional knowledge, experience and skills. But they come second, in my opinion, to his ability to treat every patient as a one-off individual. This has been borne out by the experiences of several of my friends, who have also been fortunate to come under his care. My knee replacement is a great success and at eight weeks I am back to my former very active lifestyle, but now with no pain or fear of collapse.